Online Privacy Policy

You take online privacy seriously, and so does Joy Drive OEM, LLC. (“Joydrive”) and its related entities in the Joydrive family of companies. At Joydrive, we’re committed to protecting the personal information of visitors to our websites.

Our online privacy policy describes the information we collect from and about you during your visit to our websites. It also describes how we use information about you, with whom we share it and how we protect it. This policy applies only to those Joydrive websites that link directly to this policy.

It’s important to know that our websites may contain links to third party sites not controlled by Joydrive or covered by this online privacy policy. We recommend that you check the privacy statements of other sites you visit before providing any personal information.

Once you become a customer of Joydrive, we will provide you with a Privacy Policy describing our privacy practices. It will describe and provide any updates to the collection and sharing of personal information about our customers, as required by law.

What personal information does Joydrive collect online?

We collect personally identifiable information (“PII”) about you from the information you provide to us when you visit our websites. The information we collect will depend on the Joydrive website you visit. This information may include, but is not limited to:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Social Security number in whole or in part
  • Phone numbers (including mobile)
  • Demand Note number
  • Email address
  • Email referral information
  • Date of birth
  • Current residential information including mortgage or rent payments
  • Employment information
  • Income information

How does Joydrive use the personal information it collects online?

We use personal information collected online for various functions, which may include:

  • processing your request for services, products or information
  • improving our customer service and products
  • servicing your account
  • facilitating your participation in online activities.

For example, we may use the information you provide when you complete an online application for a product or service in order to process and evaluate your application. If you request product information, we may use the information you provide to mail you information you request.

We may also use the information you provide to contact you regarding your account and to process or collect payments. In addition, we may collect and use information for analytic purposes, market research or for marketing purposes, as allowed by law.

Does Joydrive share the personal information it collects online?

We may share the personal information we collect about you with third parties, such as companies performing services on our behalf to provide the products or services you have requested.

As permitted by law, we may also share information collected about you with companies with whom we have formal agreements to offer you financial products and services.

We may share information about you with our affiliates (other companies in the Joydrive family) and with nonaffiliated for analysis, market research and marketing purposes as allowed by law.

Finally, we may disclose your personal information as otherwise permitted or required by law.

Does Joydrive use cookies or other online technologies to collect information?

We use a variety of technologies, including cookies, to collect information about your online/mobile activity when you visit our website. Cookies are small text files that a website server stores on your computer or device. They’re typically used to remember your account login preferences, monitor website traffic, provide customer support like live chat and help us better customize our site for your individual preferences.

We may also use Flash® objects (sometimes called “Local Shared Objects”) as part of our online authentication to help us recognize your computer when you come back to our site. We do not use Flash objects for any online behavioral advertising purpose.

Can I disable or delete cookies?

You can disable cookies by making the appropriate selection from your browser options to inform you when cookies are set or to prevent cookies from being set. However, if you choose to disable or delete cookies, you may limit the functionality we can provide when you visit our site. Deleting cookies does not delete Flash objects.

Does Joydrive track my online activity on your websites?

To improve your customer experience, we may use online tracking technologies like cookies to learn more about your online and mobile activities. The data we track includes but is not limited to, search terms, page visits and link clicks. This helps us provide more relevant online and online information including, custom content and recommended products and services tailored to your interests.

Does Joydrive use online behavioral advertising (OBA) on third party sites?

Yes, we utilize OBA on third party websites and mobile apps that are not affiliated with Joydrive. The third parties with which Joydrive contracts may use cookies or other technologies for OBA. Neither the third parties nor Joydrive collects any personally identifiable information (PII) through these cookies. We may also use aggregate data to display ads or content that may be relevant or of interest to you. Examples of aggregate data include, but are not limited to, pages visited or keyword searches. Anyone receiving an online behavioral ad may opt-out by clicking the third party site’s Advertising Option icon (Ad Choices) associated with the ad or visiting the third party website’s privacy policy for an opt-out mechanism, if any.

Interest-Based Online Advertising and Google Analytics

This section of our Privacy Notice provides details about interest-based online advertising (also called “targeted advertising”, “remarketing”, or “behavioral advertising”), Google Analytics, and your choices with respect to this type of advertising.

We use Google Analytics’ 3rd-party audience data such as age, gender and interests to better understanding the behavior of our customers and work with companies that collect information about your online activities to provide advertising targeted to suit your interests and preferences. For example, you may see certain ads on this website or other websites because we contract with Google and other similar companies to target our ads based on information we or they have collected, including information that was collected through automated means (such as cookies and web beacons). These companies also use automated technologies to collect information when you click on our ads, which helps track and manage the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Google Analytics on this Website makes use of a feature called User ID. This setup allows for a more accurate tracking of Users by associating that User with the same ID over various sessions and devices. It is set up in a way that doesn’t allow Google to personally identify an individual or permanently identify a particular device.

The User ID extension might make it possible to connect Data from Google Analytics with other Data about the User collected by this Website. The opt-out links below will only opt you out for the device you are on, but not from tracking performed independently by the Owner. You may email us at [email protected] to opt-out of the aforementioned tracking as well.

You may opt out of the automated collection of information by third-party ad networks for the purpose of delivering advertisements tailored to your interests, by visiting the consumer opt-out page for the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising at and edit or opt-out your Google Display Network ads’ preferences at Because those opt-out and preference control pages are specific to the individual browser used to visit it, and because that page is not operated by Joydrive, we are unable to perform the opt-outs on your behalf.

How do Joydrive websites respond to web browser “Do Not Track” signals?

We do not respond to Web browser “Do Not Track” signals at this time. To prevent Joydrive or third parties from tracking, you can access your browser settings and disable or delete your cookies.

How can I change or update my personal information with Joydrive?

If you have questions about the personal information you provided on a Joydrive website, you may email us at [email protected]. Requests to delete your information can be made in writing via email and will be handled within thirty (30) days unless they are unusually extensive or complex, in which case we will advise you of the expected timeline for handling your request.

What steps does Joydrive take to protect personal information it collects online?

We restrict access to the personal information obtained from our website to only those employees, agents and contractors who need it to do their jobs. We maintain technical and physical safeguards designed to protect your personal information.

Additionally, companies that provide online services on our behalf are required by contract to protect customer information. They are only allowed to use the information they collect for the purpose of providing the services that we have contracted to them.

What are Joydrive Social Media and Third-Party Website Security and policies?

Joydrive currently has presence on social media to connect with and market to the public, Joydrive customers, and potential customers of the Joydrive family. Your activity on third-party websites is governed by the security and privacy policies of each third-party website. Users of third-party websites often share information with the general public, user community, and/or the third-party operating the third-party website, which may use this information in a variety of ways. Consequently, you should review the privacy policies of the third-party website before using it and ensure that you understand how this information may be used. You may be able to adjust privacy settings on your accounts on any third-party website or application to match your preferences. The information posted on or directed at Joydrive through social media is generally available to the public. To protect your privacy, do not include information you want to keep private or any other sensitive personal information in your social media activity, comments or responses. This information may be archived independently on, and retention of such information is governed by, the third-party website.

Does Joydrive collect personal information online about children?

We don’t intentionally collect or maintain data about children under 18 unless the personal information is provided by a parent, legal guardian or authorized adult. Our websites are not intended for children under 18.

Will Joydrive make changes to this online privacy policy?

Policy last updated and effective August 27, 2019. We reserve the right to alter this policy at our discretion. Any change to this policy will be posted on our websites in a timely manner.